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           Accelerating Leadership for Women

March 22, 2019

Virtual Classroom


You will have access to UGA eLearning Commons to access course materials, pre-work and homework readings and participate in discussion boards.

Five Critical Stages of Women’s Careers on the Path to Leadership

  • Meet your cohort colleagues

  • Identify shared opportunities and challenges facing women leaders today

  • Gain important insight on key areas impacting women on the path to leadership

  • Prepare to complete your assessments

  • Leverage insights and assessments to refine goals and cast vision for your leadership growth journey

April 17-19, 2019
Atlanta Campus

April 17 Evening Reception

April 18-19, 8:30-4:30

Day 1: Guest Speakers

Topic Navigating Bias in the Workplace (Male/female on men and women in the workplace or men as allies).

Day 2: Guest Speaker

Topic – Purpose, authentic self.

Navigating Today’s Leadership Landscape with Optimism:

  • Gaining Comfort with Discomfort – Defining the Rules in a Volatile and Uncertain World

  • Embracing the Gifts Women bring to Modern Leadership

  • Assessing Leadership Culture and Being a Positive Agent of Change

  • Recognizing Barriers and Bias – Navigating with Optimism

  • Emotional Intelligence – Competitive Advantage and Achilles Heel

Building Leadership Confidence and Capability

  • Shifting Mindset: How Women Define Leadership

  • Assess Your Leadership Agility – Identify Leadership Strengths and Opportunities for Growth

  • Owning and Aligning Your Strengths: Personal Me, Professional Me and Leader Me

  • Overcoming the Production Trap-Creating Space to Lead for Strategic Impact

  • Positive Visibility and Self-Advocacy – Your Point of View Matters

  • Casting Leadership Vision for Yourself and Others

May 10, 2019

Virtual Session

11:30am - 1:30pm

Building Relationship Power

  • Relationships are the Currency of Leadership

  • Cultivating Mentors, Sponsors and Critical Development Partners

  • Grace, Compassion and Managing Relationship Complexity

Atlanta Campus

June 13, 2019, 8:30-4:30

June 14, 2019, 8:30-3:00

Day 1: Lunch Speaker

Day 2: Lunch Panel 3-5 Panelists. Topic: Women on the Path to Leadership – Key Lessons Shared

Exercising Political Savvy

  • Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Power

  • Develop Political Savvy without Being Political

  • Overcoming the Double Bind – Developing an Effective Power Style

  • Pivotal Conversation

  • Lead the Way to Exercise Power Differently

Growing Your Influence

  • Executive Presence for Women: Creating a Strong, Confident Leadership Presence

  • Tools for Influence

  • Co-Creating for Organizational Impact and a Better World

Accelerating Your Path to Leadership

  • Working session to create your leadership plan

July – December

  • Monthly Peer Coaching to Support Plan to Action

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